This is what I believe – You are deserving of the birth you have imagined. You are deserving of deep connection, support, and full trust. You deserve bodily autonomy, exclusive, first right of refusal decision making. You deserve to be heard, to be seen to be validated.


I am a human, an artist, a keeper, a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother

I am committed to my journey. To my passion. To my heart song. Being in community with people, supporting birth, life and death, and honoring the journey of others through visual storytelling

I feel most grounded when I am barefoot in the forest. But really, any nature will do, barefoot is a must though

A coffee a day keeps the headaches away….

I want to love yoga but, I get to caught up in the rules…. which clearly there are none but my brain says there needs to be consistency and order. I just need to get over myself! Any flows that you love? Tell me!!!

I used to hate going places without makeup, I would always have some in my bag just in case. BUT! I also hated feeling like I needed to wear makeup, it was this internal struggle of what society tells me vs what my inner self tells me. Over the last 6+ years I have shed that struggle and 98% of the time have no makeup on. Sometimes though, I still like to glam it up a bit!

xo, Twyla