So, here’s the thing. Having a doula doesn’t mean you will have the birth of your dreams, it does not mean that you won’t transfer to the hospital or that you will avoid a cesarean. I know… Not what you were thinking you would hear, right!?

There are statistics that show a marked decrease in each of those things if you add a doula to your birth team but it most certainly isn’t a ‘fix’, isn’t a guarantee. As with all things birth, we make plans, we research, we envision, we make choices and decisions based in evidence and then we come prepared for the unexpected.

I know, why have a doula then!? I’m so glad you asked!

Having me as your doula does mean that you will be supported, you will have the resources you need to help you prepare your body and mind for your birth. It means YOU will be in control of the process, decision making, and your body with a team of people beside you creating a safe space for you. My hope is, that through this process you will empower YOURSELF so that you can advocate for YOURSELF and I will be there holding your hand the entire way.

Knowing now that choosing the right doula for you is so important, check out my ’10 Questions to Ask Your Doula’


    • Provide any diagnosis, medical advice, or protocols related to you, your body, your pregnancy, or your baby.
    • Perform any physical exams or assessments of any kind
    • Take vitals, listen to heart tones, or do baby positioning assessments or aversions

But What About Your Partner!?

A doula does not replace your partner. Let me say that again, a doula does NOT replace your partner!

No one can protect you, your space, and the safety of that space better than your partner. No one will more fiercely defend you, advocate for you, speak up, use their voice, their body language better than your partner. That is innately in their being. The perception of losing control of that space often leads partners to prefer to not have a doula present – and I COMPLETELY understand when you think of it from that perspective!

Let me make this ABUNDANTLY clear, it is not my job to replace your partner! In our time together we work to ensure that they have what they need to feel prepared and ready to support you in your labor. And, as it often happens, they need to be spelled off, because, (maybe an unpopular opinion…) labor is hard for them too! I can then quietly slide in and help while they take care of their needs – like EATING! or stretching their legs, or getting a little shut-eye. A doula is not just for the laboring person, but rather for each person present in birth.

Birth is a whole-body experience. It is deep and sacred and entirely individual. It spills over with complicated, messy, beautiful full to the brim emotions.

Birth is a whole-body experience. It is deep and sacred and entirely individual. It spills over with complicated, messy, beautiful full to the brim emotions.


What if you are unable to get into my birth due to hospital restrictions?

• This is absolutely unprecedented times! As restrictions continue to change we remain in close communication over the course of your pregnancy. I have always said, and it absolutely applies to our current climate – having early, often and clear conversations with your providers about your desires in birth is incredibly important. This also includes your desire to have a birth doula and/or photographer present at your birth. We talk through all of this throughout your pregnancy so that when you are in labor there are zero surprises as to who will be there with you.

What precautions are you taking to address health and wellness during COVID?

• I feel really strongly about this. COVID is real. It is my responsibility and obligation to you to ensure that, to the best of my ability I am limiting exposures. Our bubble is small, we wear masks out in public, frequent handwashing, sanitizing, and immune-supporting vitamins and supplements are a part of our daily life. As we approach closer to your estimated due date, my circle becomes smaller and I reduce my exposure further.

Are you willing to answer pre-screening questions/disclose exposure?

• Absolutely. If that were to ease your concerns I have no problem answering any questions you might have.

How do you ensure the privacy of your clients?

• Your privacy is the number one concern for me, especially in this day and age of social media. Once something is put on the internet there is no taking it back. I feel deeply responsible not only for you but also for your baby. Consent is paramount. Anything that I share on social media is only done with the explicit permission of my clients. And guess what! You can absolutely change your mind. This is your story, your images, your body and baby.

What if you don’t make it in time to my birth?

• Communication is KEY! Of course, babies just decide to arrive right when they are meant to but that doesn’t always mean that was in our timing! And that’s ok!! You letting me know early signs of labor, progression of labor and so forth allows me to make educated and experienced decisions of when to join you. But, as with everything, planning sometimes just doesn’t work out the way we expected! I will do my very best to join you before baby is born but, if they beat me to it I still join you! I still support, I still comfort, provide information, photograph – all the things! It just means that your story is uniquely yours.

What if you are at a different birth when I am in labor?

• This happens. In my experience, timing often works out! BUT if for whatever reason it doesn’t I have a community behind me supporting me. I take it very seriously who I choose to step in if I am ever not able to. You can trust that you will receive the absolute best from my peers that I work with as backups.

Do I need to pay in full / are there payment plans/gift registry?

• Short answer is no! Your deposit is required at the time of booking. From there we set up a payment schedule that works for the both of us. If you are adding photography to your package, your images are not delivered until payment is received in full. If you wanted to have friends and family support you we can also have a registry set up for them to be able to donate to.

Do you have additional services and add ons?

• Oh I sure do!! Photography, videography, maternity, Fresh 48s, newborn and Grow With Me packages are available – let’s chat!!


We never venture into parenthood with the idea that loss is possible. However, sadly, it can be. Being faced with unimaginable grief, having to make decisions that no one should ever have to make, while desperately trying to remember each curve, each tiny finger, to store deep in your heart the feeling of touching them, holding them, smelling them it can feel insurmountable. It has been an absolute honor to be asked to come alongside a family during such a time.

My time spent with you, holding you, crying with you, photographing precious memories requires absolutely no compensation, it is the very least I can do.

If you or someone you know has experienced a stillbirth or a diagnosis that will ultimately lead to you having to say goodbye far too soon, please reach out.